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Performance Headlamps

PERFORMANCE series headlamps

The ultra-powerful PERFORMANCE headlamps adapt their lighting automatically and instantly to the ambient light,thanks to REACTIVE LIGHTING technology. In this line, the REACTIK + and NAO + are programmable with the MyPetzl Light mobile app: you can check, control and customize the lighting performance of your lamp at any time, via smartphone or tablet. Ideal for dynamic, high-commitment activities: trail running, technical mountaineering, ski touring...


  • optimal power and burn time due to REACTIVE LIGHTING technology
  • continuous visual convenience with less manual operation: the beam automatically adapts to your needs
  • easy charging via the USB port: an economical and sustainable solution
  • real-time control of REACTIK + and NAO + lighting performance with the MyPetzl Light app


NAO® +
Max. lumens 220 700 300 750
Max. burn time 12 h 12 h 10 h 15 h
Beam pattern(s) Dual beam Flood beam Dual beam Spot beam Flood beam Dual beam Spot beam Flood beam Dual beam Spot beam
Red lighting YES    NO          YES  NO
Rear red strobe light  NO  NO  NO  YES
Programmable via MyPetzl Light  NO   NO  YES  YES

All lamps in the PERFORMANCE family are supplied with a USB rechargeable battery.


Beyond Power… Intelligence

This exclusive technology, developed by Petzl, instantly provides the right lighting at the right time, without any need for manual operation. Burn time is thus optimized and the user can engage in his or her activity with peace of mind.

  • Intelligent lighting: this system uses a sensor to analyze reflected light, instantly delivering optimal brightness and beam pattern for the given situation.
  • Hands free lighting for greater convenience and performance. No need to manually switch between modes; the user's hands are completely free, allowing complete focus on the activity.
  • Greater burn time. Intelligent lighting thus optimizes battery life, offering greater burn time for your lamp.

MyPetzl Light

MyPetzl Light®

Program your lamp

The MyPetzl Light mobile app gives you the ability to conveniently manage your own lighting.

You now have real-time info on all lighting parameters (burn time, power, modes) and can adjust them as needed for the activity.

App downloadable at App Store and Google Play, available in six languages (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese).

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  • Rechargeable battery pack

    Rechargeable battery pack


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  • Petzl NAO Rechargeable Battery

    Petzl NAO Rechargeable Battery

  • Petzl Headlamp Black Reactik 220 LUMEN

    Petzl Headlamp Black Reactik 220 LUMENS



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  • Petzl Headlamp Blue Reactik 220 LUMENS

    Petzl Headlamp Blue Reactik 220 LUMENS

  • Petzl Headlamp Oranage White Reactik 300 Lumens

    Petzl Headlamp Orange White Reactik+ 300 Lumens


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  • Petzl Headlamp NAO +

    Petzl Headlamp NAO +


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