Summer Evenings are the best time for an easy run with friends.

Come join us every Wednesday night at the Blue Mountains Running Co. for a social run around Glenbrook 

Up Coaching Social Run

This view is from the lake at Glenbrook on our run Return to Mt Siion, this week we did the run in reverse navigation, whilst we did enjoy a couple of downhills we normally go up, the run was definately more challenging in reverse.

If you would like to check out our Strava Route the link is below.

THIS WEEK'S RUN: Return to Sion (reversed)
Base Route:
Shorter Option:

Paper maps are also available, please ask the Coach :-)


TIME: 6:00PM

Blue Mountains Running Co. teams up with Brendan Davies from UP Coaching to offer a FREE guided social run every Wednesday at 6.00pm.

Starting and finishing at the Blue Mountains Running Co. in Glenbrook, this will be an inclusive and fun event catering to runners of ALL speeds and abilities.

This is a 50 minute social run. We offer shorter or longer options and maps are provided if needed.

The run will be a mix of road and trail, but road or trail shoes will certainly suffice if you are starting out. There will also be a BMRC staff member on hand each week to offer shoe advice. 

During the winter months when it's dark before 6.30pm we ask that you bring a torch along as we duck in and out of the trails.


We love you guys! So please hang around for some drinks on the lawn of cafe 2773 Glenbrook next door to the shop afterwards for some free drinks and on the first Wednesday of every month we will host a free post run BBQ!

This is also a time you can check out the shop and do some late night shopping.

For more information check out our Facebook Page for events. 

This run caters for both slow and fast runners and no one is left behind, if you are training for UTA Australia, this event is great for hills and trails.