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Nutrition for Running

by Susan Blenman on July 25, 2021  in NutritionRace FuelRoad runningSpring EnergyTrail EventTrail runningUltra Trail Australia

Spring Energy Gels provide you to fuel with confidence to live and race healthy.

Packed with wholesome ingredients and no sugar or artificial ingredients, simple delicious ingredients with a silky texture.

At Blue Mountains Running Co we stock a large range of energy gels, Spring Energy provides a range of different calorie gels designed to match your running performance. 

These gels are ideal for Ultra Marathons, Spartan, Obstacles, Road Running and Trail RunningUltra Marathons, Spartan, Obstacles, Road Running and Trail Running.

With flavours such as Punchy Plum, Canaberry, Icy Mango and the new Apply Cinnamon Pie, we can confirm this one tastes great.

☕ Koffee
🙏🏾 ​McCraecovery
🐺 ​Wolf Pack
🍓 Canaberry
⚡ Power Rush
🍏 Awesome Sauce
🥜 Speednut
✈️ Long Haul
⛰️ Hill Aid

Highly intense workouts require fast burning carbs. 


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