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Running Headlamps

Headlamps designed for running from basic to performance. Lightweight and compact mandatory gear headlamps.

Leading brands from Petzl, Biolight, Black Diamond and Knog.

Select headlamps from performance or brightness, lumens of lights from 100 Lumens to 750 Lumens some with USB Recharge, others battery or core battery recharge.

20, 40 Lumens for Wearable Lighting from Knog

CLASSIC HEADLAMPS Simply... hands-free lighting! Lightweight, compact and easy to use, headlamps from the CLASSIC line provide proximity lighting for everyday family uses: camping, recreation, crafting, repair work... ACTIVE HEADLAMPS Non-stop power! Compact and multi-beam, for running in the dark.

ACTIVE HEADLAMPS guarantee comfortable lighting over time. They respond to the need for versatility that comes with outdoor activities like hiking, trekking, bivouac, mountaineering...


Beyond Power... Intelligence! The ultra-powerful headlamps from the PERFORMANCE line adapt their lighting automatically and instantly to the ambient light. Ideal for dynamic, high-commitment activities: trail running, technical mountaineering, ski touring...

Knog Wearable Front Light 40 Lumens


Knog Quokka Run Silicone Headlamp - 100 Lumens


Petzl Headlamp Bindi -200 Lumens


BioLite Headlamp 200 lumens


Black Diamond Headlamp Sprint 225 Lumens


Petzl Headlamp Tikkina 250 lumens


Petzl Headlamp Tikka -300 Lumens


BioLite Headlamp 330 lumens


Petzl Headlamp Actik - 350 Lumens


Petzl Headlamp Actik Core -350 Lumens


Knog Bilby Run Silicone Headlamp - 400 Lumens


Petzl Headlamp Actik Core - 450 Lumens


Petzl Headlamp Nao


Petzl Headlamp Swift - 900 Lumens


Rechargeable battery pack


Petzl NAO Rechargeable Battery


Petzl NAO+ Rechargeable Battery


Petzl Headlamp Tactikka +RGB - 250 Lumens


Petzl Headlamp Reactik- 220 Lumens


Knog Wearable Front And Rear Light


Knog Wearable Rear Light 20 Lumens


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