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  • New FKT from a couple of Blue Mountains local running legends

New FKT from a couple of Blue Mountains local running legends

by Sue Blenman on August 16, 2020  in Fastest Known TimeFKTRunning CommunityTrail runningUltra Running

FKT is the term used to describe the fastest known time.

The Challenge was set in the mountains from Glenbrook station all the way up to Mount Victoria station. 83km!!

Boss Man of the 440 Run Club Corey Phillpott also business owner of Cos Fit Strength and Endurance took on a FKT, fastest known time with another local mountains female running legend Lou Clifton.

Corey and Lou's epic adventure took them through the beautiful Blue Mountains, their favourite trail running playground. The distance was covered mostly by trail except for a small portion through Katoomba to hit the railway trail and follow that all the way up to Mount Victoria station.

Corey and Lou Crazy FKT AdventureCorey geared up in his BMRC Steigen socks for ZERO blisters, his brand new, New Balance Hierro trail running shoes.His T8 run ultra running commandos and Sherpa shorts for 100% chafe free guarantee !!! For Hydration and nutrition storage Corey wore his Salomon 12 Litre hydration pack. His fuel 11 servings of Tailwind 250ml coke can, 600ml of normal water.For nutritional fuel salt and vinegar chips and the Tailwind supplements was all the needed during an ultra.

FKT Corey Phillpot

Elapsed time was 11:13:04 (avg pace = 8:15km)

Moving time was 6:52:31 (avg pace = 5:03)

Corey actually wanted to run from Scenic World Katoomba to Glenbrook, but Lou said she would like to run uphill and an extra 20 km. Now that's a legend :)

Corey completed this run after having two back to back weeks of 80 km training runs.

Mental barriers were to  push through to be able to hit three back to back weeks of massive running are crazy.

"I was so close to telling Lou I won't make it before we even finished the oaks fire trail because my legs were so sore and fatigued but I dug deep, held on and enjoyed the adventure".

What a crazy ride from a couple of local running legends, well done guys.

Cory and Lou FKT Complete


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