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Affiliated Run Clubs

UP COACHING  - was founded by Brendan Davies and is based in the Blue Mountains just outside of Sydney, with chapters also operating in The Hills district, Bathurst and Canberra.

Brendan is one of Australia’s most successful and versatile endurance runners who has a passion for running trails and road, over short and long ultra distances.

Brendan is a highly regarded coach and trainer and caters for all runners, from beginners to elite. Together with his team of coaches, he enjoys all aspects of helping others achieve their running and fitness-related goals.

UP Coaching has a strong inclusive philosophy and caters for all runners; from those taking their first steps through to the fun runner and elite athlete.

Weekly Squad Training Sessions, Individual and Group Training, Online Coaching, Trail Running/Race Specific Running Camps, Kids Running Clinics, Technique Analysis, Yoga for runners and programs for athletes transitioning to minimalist running are some of the services that are offered.

More information is available here:
or please contact Brendan here:

Brendan and his coaches run our weekly social run, you are welcome to come and join us and the fellow Up Coaching group. 

 The Locker Room


Achieve your running personal best with the Locker Room. The Locker Room is an online training portal designed to teach runners everything they need to know to achieve their own personal best and help keep themselves injury-free. Remaining injury-free allows you to train consistently, and training consistently will improve your performance. 

 It includes unique race specific plans with 

  • Daily training advice for beginners, intermediate and advanced runners
  • Techniques and Drills to Improve your running on all types of terrain
  • A strength program to build stability and core strength required to complete your target event
  • Mobility Exercises to Improve Your Natural Range of Motion and Avoid Injury
  • Nutrition guidelines for before during and after your race 

Designed by sports physio and elite trail runner Mark Green, the Locker Room is one of the best investments you can make in your running.

 Join hundreds of fellow runners from only $5 per week.  

To learn more visit or email

All The Locker Room athlete's receive a 10% discount in-store and online.

*5% off watches