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Ryan Sandes, the world's craziest trail runner

Ryan Sandes, the world's craziest trail runner


This Week we were privledged to have one of the Worlds top athletes come and run with our Social Run Group and provide us with a quick Q & A talk on completion of his run.

Our beautiful Blue Mountains surely did not disappoint as you can see from the drip of sweat on his forehead. It is hot up here in Glenbrook, the foot of the mountains and we train hard on those trails.

Ryan talked about trail running all around the world, including his accomplishments, ok we drilled him about his successes and what he loved most about trail running and the journey it has taken him on.

He talked about his passion for the charities he is involved with in South Africa and what he would like to do in his future in running.

Justifying the Worlds Crazies Runner title, some of the races he has entered, won and conquered to give him such a prestigious title and to us, trail running royalty.

Just a small list of his huge accomplishments.

  • Run across the Amazon Jungle
  • Run across the Himalayas
  • Winner of UTA Australia
  • 100 milers
  • Winner Western States
  • Leadville
  • Four deserts races
  • 2013 Only person to have won an ultra-trail race on every continent

Ryan said Ultra Trail Australia is one of his favourite races, we love that, particularly since he has raced all over the world and we are lucky enough to have this race in our backyard.

Trail running tips from a Winner of Ultra Trail Australia is to familiarize yourself with the course, don’t over train, and keep up the long runs.

  • Look after your recovery.
  • Train race specific parts of the course, the stairs at the end.
  • Nail down your nutrition, don’t leave it until race day.

A memorable one for me was his journey in one of the Himalayas, he talks about the locals taking a group of them in for the night to avoid frost bite.

We love that Ryan signed our Trail Running Wall within Blue Mountains Running Company and we have been lucky enough to have some of the world’s finest Ultra Running Athletes sign this wall also.

Check out our full video on our Facebook Page.

Check out Ryan running with our BMRC Social Run Group.

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