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Soft Flasks

Soft flask bottles are used to carry liquid for hydration whilst running, soft flasks can also go into hydration packs.

Leading brands Ultimate Direction and Salomon, Naked and Gu some with long straws for easy use whilst running.

Small soft flask can be used to store gel liquid to prevent sticky fingers and having to tear open gels whilst running. Soft flask from leading brand Gu

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              Salomon Soft Flask 500ml


              Ultimate Direction Body Bottle 500 Straw


              Ultimate Direction Body Bottle 500 Insulated


              Ultimate Direction Body Bottle 2 - 500ml


              GU Energy Flask


              Salomon Soft Flask 500ml Clear Blue


              Naked Running Wide Neck


              Salomon Soft Flask 500ml Straw


              Salomon Soft Flask XA Filter 490ml

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